About the Website

Objectum Media is a hub for members of the OS/OR and POSIC+ communities to recommend media to each other relevant to the community's interests. Some media that would fit the bill of Objectum Media:

  • Media featuring sentient objects
  • Media featuring relationships with objects
  • Media featuring characters who have attachments to objects
  • Media that may read as POSIC or objectum subtext
  • Media that is significant to the POSIC/objectum community
  • Media made by POSIC/objectum people

Submissions may be requested at one of our Contact links in the sidebar.

The Process

Media may be submitted through any contact platform of a reader's choosing. It'll be added to the media queue, where it will await the attention of a Content Volunteer.

A content volunteer's job is to experience the media submission in question and use the information to write a content summary for it. A "complete" content summary includes:

  • The title of the media
  • Some basic info about it
    • Genre
    • Length
    • Maturity rating
    • Content warnings (if necessary)
    • DoesTheDogDie.com link (if necessary)
  • A summary of the media - keep it as spoiler-free as possible!
  • Objectum-relevant object types featured in the media
  • A "thumbnail" or "gallery" showcasing previews of the media / official art, covers, promotional material
  • Volunteer's personal thoughts
  • The review section

In addition, the volunteer will write their name on the entry and record the date the entry was requested and the date it was added to the directory. Volunteers get a special "tag" they can put on the entry, which will automatically list it under the name on the Credits page.

An entry does not have to be totally complete to be added to the directory; most important is the title, genre, and summary, which we consider the minimum bar for a directory entry. The entry goes through Desmond for review, and if approved, will be filed into the directory by medium - such as movie, literature, or TV show.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that the most time-consuming part of this process is getting around to the media itself. When we write our entries, ideally we'd like the media to be fresh on our minds, and sometimes we may have limited bandwidth to watch entire movies or read entire books. However, we're more than happy to accept volunteer work if you're excited about a particular media. Please see the "how to volunteer section" below!


This process is not fully finalized yet, but in the future, Objectum Media would like a section for reader review - another way for readers to contribute to the website. Readers may submit a review through any communication platform, and a Review Volunteer may review the review and approve it to be added to the directory entry.

How to Volunteer

There are multiple types of volunteer in Objectum Media. Keep in mind that for the most part, volunteering is not a part-time job (unless you're Desmond); you can do a single entry, get it accepted, and not have to worry about a "team membership". Objectum Media is meant to be a communal resource, written by objectums for objectums, rather than a team organization effort.

Keep in mind, regardless of position, there are some rules to being a volunteer:

  • All volunteers must be 16 years old or older.
  • Volunteers and reviewers under the age of 18 cannot review/volunteer for "mature"-rated media. We may also put a limit on minors volunteering/reviewing for non-sexual romantically-focused media (for the sake of the owner's comfort), but it will depend on the media in question.
  • Volunteers may link their social media/other websites on their credits, but reviewers cannot.
  • Be open to feedback! Sometimes an idea might get overruled, a content entry might end up on the website not matching your vision, some things might need clean-up, fixing, or trimming.

You may offer to volunteer through our Discord server. Volunteers (but not reviewers) will get their own credits entry on this page and on the Credits page.

Content Volunteer

Take a look at our media queue. Is there anything on there that you've seen recently, or you think you're gonna see it soon, or you're just so excited for it that you want to be the one to write the entry? Let us know!

Our content entries are written in the form of a Markdown file with templating; we'll show you the template we use. You fill out the fields and send it back to us. If you wanna come back and update the entry later, let us know!

Once you're done, send the .md file to Desmond. It'll look over the entry and if it's ready enough, ze will upload it onto the website.

"I would like to submit media I created!"

That's awesome! We're more than happy to do that here at Objectum Media, and there's probably no better person out there to write the entry.

Review Volunteer

Not done yet!


Not done yet!

The Team

  • Desmond: Webmaster, web developer, content volunteer