What is POSIC?

POSIC+ is a community acronym standing for "Perception of Object Sentience, Individuality, and Consciousness." Originally coined by Tumblr users awkwardlycan and build-a-buddy on November 11, 2021, the label has since seen regular usage on Tumblr. The label was coined to apply to anyone who perceives object sentience, regardless of cause or attraction.

Many people in the OS/OR community label themselves as POSIC, and vice versa, but the two groups are not mutually inclusive. For example, one can be POSIC without feeling attraction for objects, and one can find objects attractive without perceiving object sentience.

Objectum Media allows submissions that fit either category - both media about sentient objects and media that features Objectum romance/sexuality.

The Flag

The POSIC+ flag consists of five stripes: light pinkish-red, mint green, white, light blue, and dark blue. The flag may be depicted with a white circle with red outline on it and sometimes a black infinity symbol. The flag was designed by build-a-buddy on Tumblr.

Meanings provided for the colors:

  • Light pinkish-red: Love and friendship
  • Mint green: Consciousness/life in objects
  • White: Animism, spirituality
  • Light blue: Technology and connection
  • Dark blue: Psychological/Neurological causes

The optional symbols also represent:

  • Red circle: Objectum community symbol, which overlaps heavily with the POSIC+ community
  • Infinity: Neurodivergence, also represents POSIC+ encompassing all causes for object sentience