Big Data

Big Data

Not explicit, but music videos may be mature
Content Warnings Themes of internet stalking, surveillance, and metaphorical abuse by technology
Genre Electronic, pop
Medium Music
Suggested February 18, 2023 • Added February 21, 2023
Entry writer: Desmond
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Volunteer Thoughts

Big Data is an electronic pop project that broadly focuses on themes of advancing technology and the Internet Age, and how this affects our individuality and daily lives. It takes a paranoid approach, worrying this technology is being used to control us or is getting out of control. It's a pretty bleak (albeit unfortunately I can hardly call it 'pessimistic') outlook on things, but it goes SO hard.

Why the objectum reading? I got into Big Data through their song "Automatic". It's a song about tech augmenting our daily lives in the background automatically, with the lyrics written from the perspective of the technology itself. It goes for a strange romantic angle for the lyrics though - the tech telling you that it feels complete when it's with you. It's really.

Themes of technology coming to life (mostly figuratively) crop up pretty often in Big Data's work, and it's almost funny how often it comes across as romantic (albeit controlling). I rambled a little more on the Discord server, but a good example is Sick For Me. It's about using the internent to feed into your worst paranoia because of how convenient and easy it is, and this is the chorus:

> I wanna feel you close to me > I wanna hear you beg and plead > I want to see you sick for me > A new kind of love, no remedy

In general, I love this entire album (and 3.0 too!) Some select songs I like a lot from Big Data:

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Overall thoughts

One of my favorite electronic musicians. Objectum reading is super not intentional but it appeals nonetheless if you want music about dating your phone.

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