Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams

All ages with parental guidance
Content Warnings Like a lot of secondhand embarrassment, flashing imagery
[Spoilery content warnings]
Destruction of technology, suicide
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Genre Science fiction, romantic comedy
Length 92 minutes
Medium Movie
Suggested February 18, 2023 • Added February 19, 2023
Entry writer: Desmond
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Volunteer Thoughts

I watched this back in July 2022, when a bunch of people all of a sudden got into this movie. This movie has a goddamn body count in objectum awakening. If I had a nickel for everyone I knew personally who started identifying objectum feelings after watching this movie, I could dispense a tasty gumball from my beautiful gumball machine wife. It's worth at least a quarter.

Some people say this movie is basically a glorified 80s music video, and it is - I mean this endearingly. It features some pretty big electronic - pop - disco musicians of the time, like Giorgio Moroder and Boy George, the latter of whom apparently comes up red on Wikipedia. Huh.

Electric Dreams is iconic to the objectum community for very good reason. Not only is the sentient computer a main character, he plays a major part in a love triangle and it's played VERY straight. Like, nobody's downplaying the power of this cute sentient computer. He's a Rude Boy but he's also super endearing; they straight up gave him a cartoon character voice.

I will be honest, the movie starts off so stilted and tacky that it made me want to cry, and I was so worried the rest of it would be just as painful. Rest assured though, it gets good. Really good.

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Overall thoughts

Literally just an extended music video. A little bit cheesy, but it gets good. Beloved for good reason.

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