Knight Rider (1982)

Knight Rider (1982)

All ages with parental guidance
Content Warnings Object destruction, vehicular gore, guns, violence, death, occasional blood
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Genre Action, crime, drama
Length 90 episodes, 48 minutes each
Medium Series
Suggested February 24, 2023 • Added April 30, 2024
Entry writer: Carter
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Volunteer Thoughts

Knight Rider, that '80s telly show that your parents or grandparents might remember if you bring up 'the one about the talking car'! KITT's earned his place in the movie car hall of fame for his sleek looks that have me head-over-heels and his wit & charisma that have me positively smitten. You may have seen a Knight Rider reference without knowing it, with how big of a name it is in the world of vehicular cinema.

An iconic piece of television, Knight Rider is a memorable and unique series about an ex-cop, Michael Knight, and his companion, KITT, the talking, gobsmackingly sexy, nigh-indestructible car with a variety of high-tech and sometimes surprising capabilities. Supported by their leader, Devon Miles, the mechanic Bonnie Barstow, and later on another supporting character named RC3, Michael and KITT sock it to the criminals operating above the law and out of the eyes of the police to help the common people affected by their crimes.

I originally suggested this wonderful series to the Media Directory because of KITT. Any objectum who has a soft spot for cars will go bonkers for this handsome stud of an automobile and the tough-as-nails bond he has with his driver. Michael's relationship with KITT, of course, is not written to be objectum (this is the 80s, their socks have to be on!), but it's stunningly easy to perceive romance between those lines and my desperate ass is viewing the duo's almost "die for eachother" attitude as romantic as it gets. And for those looking for a little more, there's a few hundred fics for this series on A03 and most of them lavishly expand on Michael and KITT's bond.

I originally worried that Knight Rider wouldn't be the show for me - action, crime and drama don't tend to be my genre at all. But that hot, hot car yanked me in by the heartstrings and kept me there through all 90 episodes of his crime-fighting splendour. Give it a try!

P.S. If you watch Season 4, swap Episode 24 (Voo Doo Knight) and Episode 12 (The Scent of Roses). You will cry. I promise.

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Overall thoughts

Does KITT count as a celebrity crush? I'm sure he counts as a celebrity crush. He's more of a hottie than the guy who's supposed to be the token hottie.

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